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The "Glamorous" Life of a Realtor

This afternoon I had a moment—maybe a couple of moments—that I burst into some kind of psycho uncontrollable laughter when one of my clients I’m working with said she always wanted to sell real estate; that it looked so glamorous and exciting on all the HGTV shows!

For that, here are some tales of the lifestyle of the very unglamorous and exciting life of Carrie Paulk-Gay.

Rain not just normal rain—the kind that makes snakes leave their cozy homes and wrap themselves around the tops of screen doors or on screen porches. I’m unlocking a lock box opened a screen door and get face raped by what felt like a 20 foot anaconda...only it was a garter snake. This was determined after all of me was wrapped around my client like an elephant being held by a mouse. For a more vivid description, I had him pretty much straddled. The snake slides off and looks back at me and I swear he looked amused.

Sprinkler systems. People...turn them off. Camden County, Georgia basically has a hurricane every afternoon at 3:00. Your grass is good. To the Realtor who attached her lockbox to the hose bib...a special thank you. There is nothing like bending down with your tail in a clients face while you wrangle a lock box key out and the sprinklers all go off. That’s an incredible feeling. It felt refreshing, actually, as it hit it all the right places.

The client's relative used to have a real estate license in Texas in the 1980s and was

dressed like John Travolta from the Urban Cowboy. He wanted to walk the soggy yard in my Tory Burch sandals so he can see the lay of the land. Meanwhile, his relatives (the BUYERS) have fled to the car and are chilling in the AC. I’m standing outside in the tribal heat sweating like some sort of farm animal and he’s teaching me how to survey. I’m sweating in places that are making me chafe on the 10 mile walk back to that car!

That’s all my glamour for this week. I will snap some posts of my snake encounters and falling in flower beds...I got this!

XO, Carrie

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