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The Seven Year-Old Girl Boss

A day in the life of a REALTOR® these days is like walking through a horror show with a splash of dark comedy and I feel like I have aged about 39 years. Today took all of that and had me laughing so hard I couldn’t make a sound.

I told the buyers that this would make a great first blog post and they are still laughing.

If something comes on the real estate market that you've been on the search for, it’s pretty much a dash to the house from wherever you may be. This involves snatching up all the kids in whatever mood they may be in. No child left behind.

Enter a three year old, a six year old and a seven year old — all girls! The seven year old rules the roost and is done with life as the oldest. Everyone is on her nerves. We look at a house and they follow me to another and she’s the first one at the door checking out my fingernails and the whole lockbox scene. She also wants to know where I got my shoes from. I was ready to adopt her on the spot — full of sass and smart. She doesn’t miss a thing.

There is a distinct cat smell upon entering the house and Mama and Daddy start making comments about the smell and cleanliness. The seven year old girl box gives her parents a look and says “Y’all know they can hear everything you’re saying and we are not going to get this house,” Dad is like “What?” She tells him to come outside and schools him on the cameras in the house and points at one outside. Both parents look confused and bewildered and then it hit them. She’s right! I had to sit down I was laughing so hard. I’m told she’s obsessed with HGTV.

Just when we think we're teaching the kids, they begin teaching us! She knows how it works. I’m probably about to hire a seven year old girl to ride around with me and take advice from.



Carrie Paulk-Gay, Camden County's Top Real Estate Agent


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